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Ladakh Festivals


The monastic festivals are the heart of all Ladakh. They are performed by monks wearing colorful silk garments and different facial masks. Each region in Ladakh has its own monastery. We offer pilgrimage journeys to all the major accessible monasteries and the villages that once hosted traders of the fabled silk route.We cover all the fascinating festivals happening in Ladakh.


Ladakh festival takes place in September 1-15 every year in Leh and the surrounding villages. The festival last for fifteen days with regular program in various locales. The programs include archery, polo, and mask dances from the monasteries, and traditional dances by cultural troupes from the villages. There also a are series of musical concerts and dance programs, mainly held at the pologround in Leh town.


Sindhu Darshan is three-day festival held from 1st to 3rd June, in Shey Manla around 8 kilometers from Leh on the bank of holy Indus river. During this festival, artists from different parts of the region perform traditional dances and people from all religions and castes. A symbol of unity and communal harmony and national integration.

Festival Calendar of Ladakh 2013-2014

Monastery Name of Festival 2013 2014
Spituk Spituk Gustor JAN 09-10 JAN 28-29
Leh, Likir, Diskit Dosmochey FEB 08-09 FEB 27-28
Yargon Tungshak FEB 13-14 MAR 04-05
Stok Guru Tse-Chu FEB 19-20 MAR 10-11
Matho Nagrang FEB 24-25 MAR 15-16
Leh Buddha Purnima MAY 25 JUNE 13
Sindhu Ghat, Leh Sindhu Darshan JUNE 01-03 JUNE 01-03
Lamayuru Yuru-Kabgyat JUNE 05-06 JUNE 24-25
Hemis Guru Tse-Chu JUNE 18-19 JULY 07-08
Stongdey, Zanskar Gustor JUNE 26-27 JULY 15-16
Karsha, Zanskar Gustor JULY 06-07 JULY 24-25
Shashukul Gustor JULY 06-07 JULY 24-25
Phyang Tsedup JULY 06-07 JULY 24-25
Korzok, Tsomoriri Gustor JULY 11-12 JULY 30-31
Thag-Thog, Sakti Tse-Chu JULY 18-19 AUG 06-07
Sani, Zanskar Naszal JULY 21-22 AUG 09-10
Leh Ladakh Festival SEPT 01-15 SEPT 01-15
Deskit, Nubra Gustor NOV 01-02 OCT 21-22
Thiksey Gustor NOV 20-21 NOV 09-10
Chemde Wanchuk NOV 30-DEC 01 NOV 20-21
All Ladakh Galdan Namchot DEC 27 DEC 16
All Ladakh Ladakhi Losar JAN 02 DEC 22
(New Year)