Stok Kangri Mountaineering Expedition

A perfect opportunity for trekkers who wish to summit their first Himalayan Peak. Stok Kangri is one of the main peaks of the Zanskar Range standing tall at a height of 20,182ft. (6,153m). The adventure filled expedition travels through remote valleys, scattered high villages and past hilltop monasteries to the base of the mountain.

Tour Route
Leh / Stok / Mankarmo / Base Camp / Summit / Leh

Tour Program
Day 01: Leh  (3400m)
Relax and acclimatize in the Hotel.

Day 02: Leh  (3400m)
Enjoy the cultural and natural beauty of Leh. This can be considered as a day to get familiar with the town and also acclimatize to the weather. Leh is culturally a rich place. There are dozens of monasteries and ancient temples that you can go visit. They are located in and around town. Therefore you would be getting enough time to go around the place in a day.

Day 03: Drive Leh- Stok Village trekking point and trek to Mankarmo (4/5 hrs trekking)
This is a day when you will enjoy a great drive and have an enjoyable trekking experience. The day starts with a drive to Stok village. At the start of the drive from Leh, you would go through many exotic and beautiful scenes. The drive to the Stok village is an adventurous one and is full of natural beauty and lush green trees. Day 3 is however the day when you trek to Mankarmo (4/5 hrs trekking).

Day 04: Trek Mankarmo (14,200 ft) to Base Camp (16,300 ft)
A few hours trek takes you to the base camp. This exotic base camp is a pleasurable place. It lies in a grassy area. This area has a number of water bodies in the form of lakes and streams. During the day, you can walk on the upper areas of the campsite and enjoy the views of the surroundings. There are some beautiful peaks like Gulap Kangri, Parcha Kangri and many others. You can also take rest in the base camp. You will get time to acclimatize to the weather.

Day 05: Acclimatization Day
This day is an easy day for trekkers. You will get the time to go around and know the place to a much better extent. It is essentially a day to train for the upcoming trek and know the possibilities and challenges that are involved in the same.

Day 06: Base Camp (16,300 ft) to Stok Kangri (20,080 ft) back to base camp.
This is a long climb, so you should be mentally strong and prepared psychologically. It would take somewhere between 9 to 10 hours for average climbers. Slow climbers may take another 2 to 3 hours in addition. At the start of the trek, after a couple of hours, you should reach the summit of the ridge. The summit offers you great views of the area. The wide and open surroundings give you a royal feeling. Towards the north, you would get a view of the Karakoram range. The Saser Kangri dominates the sky in the north along with the Karakoram, and the Zanskar ranges in the south. The overnight stay would be in Base camp.

Day 07 : Return from Base Camp
Stok village then drive to Leh (6 hrs)

Day 08 : Return from Base Camp
Depart from Leh


Days: 8

Start Point: Leh, Jammu & Kashmir

End Point: Leh, Jammu & Kashmir

Best Time: May – October

Difficulty: 5/5